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Stone has a variety of forms. From our perspective it changes, sometimes it disintegrates into sand, sometimes it is liquid, like lava from an erupting volcano. Regardless of the changes, it is always stone. Please join me in an adventure I have named Forever Stone.

Some say the Church, The Bride of Christ, is in ruins because of all the infighting, conflicting denominations, and the apparent refusal of The Church to agree on almost everything. This site is an adventure into “The Ruins” of The Church. We cannot expect our Lord Jesus to return until His Bride is prepared, ready to truly be His Bride. That cannot happen as long as she is divided against herself.

One goal of Forever Stone is to promote “Unity”in the Body of Christ. “Unity” means we promote the same message to the Pagan World, in a variety of ways, always working together. It does not mean we do everything exactly the same. However, when we differ, we need to know exactly what that difference is, why it exists, and why it does not detract from the presentation of the Gospel to the World.

My name is “Uisdean”. There’s a bit of bio about me toward the bottom of this page. This is the “Home Page” of Forever Stone. Clicking/tapping on the Celtic Stone Cross will return you to this page. On Mobile Devices the three-bar MENU Icon is at the very top of the page. The Menu is on your Left if you’ve got a bigger screen. I recommend you read this as a book, starting with the Introduction. I write most of the posts with the assumption that you have read the previous posts. When you click/tap on any menu item the page you request does load, just scroll down to find it.

Your comments are encouraged. Please register so that you can comment. The registration process is an attempt on my part to ward off the “Agents of Chaos”. There is a Privacy Policy. You need input some very minimal information (User Name, Password & Your E-Mail address). I will do my best to protect the privacy and security of this site. I will not post/publish any personal information without your permission.

The first adventure is a very short excursion back in time a few years. This excursion into the past is an introduction to Forever Stone. So, click on this LINK and we will be off…

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