Stone Ruins

Once a place of Prayer…Now a place of Fantasy.

You’ve begun your journey. “Forever Stone” That’s my name in Scots Gaelic. Well, according to one website my name in Scots Gaelic is “Uisdean” and that translates to “Forever Stone”. Another site translates “Uisdean” as “wisdom”… Well, I’ve only made two really wise choices in my life. First was accepting Jesus as my savior and the second was marrying the beautiful lady who has been my wife for over 3 & 1/2 decades.

My wife and I have made a few pilgrimages to Scotland. On one trip I took this picture of the ruins of a Roman Catholic church. It is a ruins because the monks that lived here passed on without being able to recruit any new members to take care of the facility. Part of that is due to what Henry VIII and other English monarchs did to undermine the Roman Church.

The Stone Ruins is a wonderful illustration for this blog. It is a picture of both ruin and beauty. The stone survives. Listening quietly, one can hear the stone walls say, “We’re still here.” This is not a tomb: it is still a temple. As you wander through the ruins you can fantasize about how the building must have looked. There are many nice spots where one can quietly meditate. Prayer comes easy within the stone walls. It is still a sacred place.

Places are important. We set aside historical places like Gettysburg and Culloden. We have reserved natural places like Yellowstone and Loch Lomond for all to enjoy.

“Forever Stone” can be a place of quiet meditation and prayer. But it can also be a place where that prayer becomes a shout of praise. And, because there is injustice in this world, we might also express righteous anger and spiritual frustration. However, when we look at those Stone Ruins we just might see and hear God answering us.

I hope and pray that you will be blessed as you continue on your journey.


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