The Priesthood of All Believers: An Introduction…

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As we read in Stone Ruins, Erosion is a function of time. It’s a function of movement. Perhaps Erosion is just a consequence of a fallen world. For it’s first millennium The Church was united. Granted, there were heresies. But the Nicene Creed solved that. The Church may have been geographically diverse, but it was united. Until the Erosion began. 

Erosion, is, as we learned in Stone Ruins, a re-forming. The Priesthood of All Believers is a part of the re-forming that process. Originally, as you will read in Chapter One, this was going to be an adventure that paralleled some things in my life. The Holy Spirit had different ideas. I was surprised by what He reveals through this adventure. I think you will be too.

The Priesthood of All Believers has been about a year in the writing process. Many parts have been rewritten, some because I ‘got it wrong’ and had to make corrections. I have made a great effort to listen to the Holy Spirit as I wrote this. Any errors are mine. I’m an imperfect, fallen sinner just like you. But I am doing my best to listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient.

Dialogue is not the easiest way to write about a topic such as the one addressed in these posts. C. S. Lewis used a form of dialogue in The Screwtape Letters. Plato and St. Augustine used dialogue to describe their ideas. The difference is that I did not start this knowing the ending. I could not envision how this would work. I was not sure what “The Priesthood Of All Believers” actually was. I had some ideas, but nothing like what eventually developed.

This adventure could not have been written without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Some of the characters in this adventure are much wiser than I am. As I write what they are saying/doing I am astounded and find that I have to do some research to make sure they are correct. They are. So I take that as indication that the Holy Spirit is leading this adventure. Please converse with the Holy Spirit as you read this. But, let Him do most of the talking.

While I had an opinion before I started writing, I was not certain it was correct. As I write: that is, as I pray and research and ponder what I’ve written, my opinion has changed several times. What I say in Chapter One about the vision at the end is true. I was given a glimpse of where this was going. But only a glimpse. More to the point, the vision at the end is not the whole story. Many ideas, concepts, etc. are examined as we hike through the Holy Land but they don’t end up in that vision. Perhaps they will end up in your vision. I do expect that the vision you receive from the Holy Spirit will not be the same as mine, but that it will be complementary.

Please feel free to leave comments. Say what you think. Ask questions. If you think something is wrong, please tell me why. The overall purpose of Forever Stone is Christian Unity. We can be diverse within that unity. That’s what this site is exploring.

Do not expect to find an organized theology here. This is an ‘adventure’ or meandering through some ideas. You may feel like the ‘story’ moves slowly. That’s better than if it moves too fast. Some readers may not know as much about theology and Christianity as you do. Some questions may not be answered, or left partially unanswered. And you may find some thinking here that you have not encountered before. I know that I have. For example, I learned a new way to think about 1 Corinthians 12 as I wrote this. Perhaps the idea I learned is something you have known for years. That’s okay. As I mention in a number of places on this website, I am not a seminary trained theologian. However, I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to write this stuff down. And I do hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Rejoice Always!


July 2020


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