The Priesthood of All Believers: An Introduction…

This is an adventure for me in a number of ways.

Augustine and Plato used the dialogue format to promote their opinions. I sort of stumbled into this format; it was not my original intention. Unlike Plato and Augustine, I don’t pretend to know the answers. This is an adventure to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There are a number of characters in this ‘adventure’. Some of them are, apparently, more knowledgeable and wiser than I am. As I write what they are saying/doing I am astounded and find that I have to do some research to make sure they are correct. They are. So I take that as indication that the Holy Spirit is leading this ‘adventure’.

Second, while I had an opinion before I started writing, I was not certain it was correct. As I write: that is, as I pray and research and ponder what I’ve written, my opinion has changed several times. What I said in the Part One about the vision at the end is true. I was given a glimpse of where this was going. But only a glimpse.

Third, this was going to be a two or three part ‘adventure’. You can see how that has worked out. I’ve never written anything quite like this. So you may find some typographical or other errors. I would appreciate it if you let me know about them. And…I’m most especially interested in your thoughts on the ideas presented here.

Finally, do not expect to find an organized theology here. This is an ‘adventure’ or meandering through some ideas. You may feel like the ‘story’ moves slowly. That’s better than if it moves too fast. Some readers may not know as much about theology and Christianity as you do. Some questions may not be answered, or left partially unanswered. And you may find some thinking here that you have not encountered before. I know that I have. For example, I learned a new way to think about 1 Corinthians 12 as I wrote this. Perhaps the idea I learned is something you have known for years. That’s okay. As I keep reminding you, I am not a seminary trained theologian. However, I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to write this stuff down. And I do hope you find it somewhat useful and enjoyable.

Rejoice Always!


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