The Priesthood of All Believers–Part THREE


This chapter contains a serious error/misconception. That is my fault: I take the blame. So…I am rewriting it. And, maybe chapter four. So…please forgive my foolishness. I will have the situation corrected very soon.

Welcome to the third installment of this adventure. If you were dropped into this site by some accident of Internet surfing then you might want to transport to the beginning of this site. Just click on the Celtic Cross.





Some of the ideas above came from Fr. Afanasiev’s book as detailed earlier. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard/read/found anyone say that the other eleven tribes left the priesthood described in Exodus 19:6 to the tribe of Levi or that God ever charged them with this error/sin. If you know of someone else saying this, or if it is in the Bible somewhere, please let me know. I do want to give proper credit.


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