Interlude: The Historical Jesus

A friend has written a very enlightening blog concerning the evidence for the historical Jesus. If you have ever had someone tell you that there is no evidence for Jesus, that the Church made up the Gospels, then you might want to read his blog. He’s a trained historian. This is written from the perspective of a historian seeking the facts.

A word about the format of his blog: it is a standard basic WordPress blog. There’s no menu. The most recent post is the first one you get when you go to his website. So, to make things easier for you, I’m providing the link to the first post in his series on the Historical Jesus. Just before the comments there’s a green link with an arrow pointing to the right that will take you to the next post.

Here’s the link: An Introduction To The Historical Jesus

You can find the link to his blog “God Said Write Blog” in the links in the footer. That will take you to his most recent post. 




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